05 August 2010

If I Had a Hammer...

Although frequently drunk on the job, often well behind schedule, and sloppy in his work product, Biff was nonetheless the most popular carpenter in West Hollywood. For the life of him, however, he could never figure out why he was so much in demand.

This photo brings to mind one of Matt Groening's "Life In Hell" cartoons from about twenty years ago which featured the one-eared rabbit Binky lying on the floor nearly comatose from liquor. He clutches a drill in his hand and stares at a wall scarred with about a hundred random holes. The caption read: "don't drink and drill."


  1. Anonymous06:55

    This guy is amazing

  2. One of the most stunning photos I've seen recently. Wonder what's on the underside...

  3. He need to come over to my placee for some handy work when he is done here..

  4. Maybe he just has a really good outlook on life.

    Some people find that attractive.

    Me.. I like em dumb with a nice bum.

    Oh............... hang on...........

  5. RedCedar23:35

    He goes by the name of Nick Ayler:


    I've seen pictures of him on this blog with both short and longer hair. With shorter it's difficult for me to realize it's the same model. He's amazingly beautiful & sexy with longer hair. With shorter hair he's nothing special. It's weird!

  6. Anonymous23:48

    this stunning photograph reminds me of the only time i ever paid anyone anything to do something sexual. the plumbing firm i always use sent out a new plumber to fix my kitchen sink. the bloke, wearing a wedding ring, was the closest thing to my "ideal" of the perfect man. he was breathtakingly handsome. much as i tried, i couldn't keep from gawking at him. i did something completely out of character for me. i couldn't help myself. to this day, i still can't believe i had the balls to be so brazen. i offerred him $50 to work naked. after a lot of nervous laughter and awkwardness, he agreed. i could watch but there was to be NO touching.
    i stared in disbelief as he lay on his back under the sink making the repairs. god he was gorgeous! as i stood there over him, watching, i began to touch myself. within a matter of minutes he started to stiffen. he was completely startled and flustered by his body's response. i said something to ease the tension and make him laugh although i cant remember what exactly it was that i said. he used his hands just to cover his crotch in embarrassment. but then, ever so slowly, he began to play with himself.
    there we were, him on his back under the sink, me standing over him, beating off till we both came. as i tossed him a dish towel to clean himself up i did everything possible to make him laugh, to keep things light so that he wouldn't be uncomfortable or start feeling guilty.
    that was 2 years ago but i remember it as vividly as if it was just yesterday.

  7. Anonymous02:41

    while you think of Binky and his don't drink don't drill...all I can think about looking at this dude's ass is DRILL BABY DRILL!

  8. Anonymous14:07

    Looking at him laying there with his round inviting ass exposed, all I can think of is me drilling and drilling him until we both cum.

    I have a real boner looking at his ass.

  9. Anonymous05:18

    what a beautiful experience for you 'rugbysex'it must have been a wonderful plumbing repair---a nice read---also nick is a gorgeous looking guy


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