27 August 2010

Tender Dominance

The juxtaposition here is very erotic to me. One will always dominate, and the other will always submit. This is by choice, not by mandate. But with that dominance comes love and tenderness, but also stern correction on occasion. The alpha is bigger and stronger, so the submissive must relent and serve.

Above all, that submission is always coupled with loving trust. The dominant makes certain he's satisfied, but in doing so, his partner is fully satisfied as well. The big one calls the little one "bitch" but that is out of affection, not anger or hate.

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  1. I fully agree here with you on this. When I had my boy several years ago. I always tried to make sure he knew how important he was to me. I went and got him a Tiffany&Co. necklace that look like a chocker and put a reg pad lock on it for him. When I let him go from my service. All I made him was the lock back. I gave him the key to unlock it and made him hand just the lock back to me.
    We remained freinds after that.


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