08 August 2010

El Nino

So here's a hypothetical. You meet the bloke shown below, whilst he's dressed, in a club. He takes a liking to you immediately. All the signals and chemistry are right. You notice from his somewhat loose pants that he's really packing.

The deal is about to be closed. You ask him back to your place. He smiles with a knowing grin. He says, "sure man, that'd be hot. I'd love to. But you should know, I have a reputation for being rough. When you're with me, you just have to grimmace because, once I get going, I hold on and won't let you go. I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked, and I won't stop for nothing until I bust my nut. It's gonna hurt. That's a given. You better be prepared for that. You ready then?"

What would you do?

He purportedly cams and goes by the handle El Nino. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have, but it's obviously professionally done. He has a bod born for porn. I found him at the excellent blog Roids and Rants. If anyone has any leads on more info or pictures, please shout out in the comments.


  1. RedCedar06:14

    Being extremely tight and having a very low tolerance for pain, I turn him down with regret.

  2. That is a good question. I would have to say that is a deal breaker. Even thought this HOT dude is HOT; the talk is not. Evern thought I can go both ways; many being top. I never talk to someone that way...until we got home. then he would find out. Do nto get me wrong I like it rough allot of times; but just what he said was a turn off. Sorry El Nino. your loss.

  3. I know I've seen other pictures of him....I want to say without the El Nino tat across his belly. Other than that I know nothing except what you do: He's fucking hot.

  4. Anonymous07:53

    WOOF x3! Wow, never seen this guy before. I'd like to check what's under the hood.
    - Montana Cowboy

  5. Anonymous07:58

    Here is a link to his Bigmuscle.com profile. He goes by the name musclebeat.

  6. Thanks anon@7:58

    I see he lives in Southwark, which is not far from my place in London. Very interesting.

  7. Anonymous08:43

    The professional pics were done by Dylan Rosser. See them at http://www.themaleform.net/models4.html

  8. Nice to know that this hunk of a man is gay!

  9. Anonymous03:38

    I'm into dominant & hung men, so that proposal you're talking about? That's my idea of heaven. A gorgeous man who will hurt, then delight me with his cock. If he creams in my mouth in the end, I will have fulfilled all my dreams and will be ready to die. :-) Unless he wants a second date.

  10. Anonymous04:38

    i would ask the bartender for 3 shots of the strongest thing hes got to help numb it then grab the poppers and hope that the cum stays in me and I dont need stitches after!!

  11. thom5321216:10

    another blog spot about him - great foreskin!

  12. Body's hot, look is hot, attitude is definitely not.

    Yeah, he's hung and he's delicious to perve at, but that's not sex in his pants, it's baggage. I'd definitely give this one a miss.

  13. Anonymous03:17

    he has a cam 4 account where he broadcasts live

  14. Anonymous10:04

    I believe this is Tony Buff from Seattle.

  15. Anon@10:04

    No, he's not Tony Buff. TB has a tatt on his right bicep. El Nino lives in New York.

  16. Anonymous11:21


    Quite a few pics of him there. He is freakin NICE!

  17. Anonymous11:20

    he has a profile on squirt, cant remember his name but his video is always in the favourites - its him having a slow wank :)

  18. I used to have a photoset of him, but can't remember his name.

    But thanks for posting this pic. he is delicious.

  19. Mark07:33

    It looks like he's got a Gayromeo-profile too:

  20. @mark: amazing find. thank you for that.

  21. the setup..he tells me and I take it in..what he does not know is, that on any day, I can out fuck any fuckers & HAVE with the huge ones I have had...not bragging here,just my life in words.I LOVE to get fucked ..and that's all folks


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