11 August 2010

Lewd Wrestling

This one goes out to Comicsfan, who wanted to see TJ getting fucked in his gay porn days. Big Billy is doing the honors here. TJ is much less muscular in this clip, which was made ten years ago. TJ was a tender twenty years old at the time this scene was shot. I wonder how many cocks he had up the puss before this one?


  1. Anonymous12:35

    oh will,
    that was so fuckin sweet
    thank you man. wow!

  2. That was unfucking believably hot...

  3. Anonymous14:03

    What "TJ" are you talking about?

  4. The actor's name is TJ Cummings.

  5. boy4dad10:41

    TJ looked so hot when he was younger ... great, smooth torso.

    I know he's supposed to be straight in real life, but he really does seem to be enjoying this. When he blurts out ".. I'm gonna cum" it didn't seem scripted. (but what do I know)

    Any other videos with him and a hot older guy?

  6. Anonymous07:26

    I thought our boy was known for his "money shots". He doesn't seem to cum too much here, and he's 20 years old, he should be flowing like a hose.

  7. The moves are as fake as pro wrestling, but I love how they interact. They're both aggressive athletes, all man. TJ impressed me like crazy, but then again they both did. Halfway through I realized I've kept stills from this clip for years, but have never seen this video. You know Billy's going to win, he's so much bigger, but wow, this is Gay masculinity, regardless of what they do in their private lives. I'll never look at those old stills the same way again.


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