15 August 2010

Eight Is Not Enough

So you arrive home and you see these eight lads breaking into your house. What would you do?


  1. Doug06:44

    Nice picture but it's too bad that none of them have chest hair.

  2. Anonymous07:03

    Call 16 of my Nigga's and viciously feast on some white pussy.

  3. Get on my knees and do whatever/whoever they want!

  4. Anonymous07:31

    Break out the sunscreen and say, "Anybody need some SPF?"

  5. That one in the middle is Greg Plitt. He was on Designed to Sell, Workout on Bravo and the body of Mr Manhattan in Watchmen. Visit his website (don't skip the intro) and be amazed! http://www.gregplitt.com/

  6. good call sean; ur right - he was on workout, kind of a douche but he's hot so whatevs lol

  7. Anonymous08:02

    Open a jeans store.
    That is, AFTER I have sedated the previous owners of the pants and locked them into seperate cages.

  8. I would have to say if they were breaking in to my house the alarm would be going off and I would call the law (911).

    Nnow if they were outside my house and just waiting; for a ride or something I might see what trouble we could get into.

  9. Anonymous09:51

    Oh, as long as they are orderly about breaking in, say like two at a time, then wtf?

  10. Anonymous10:01

    I would say O.K. boys, before you take my TV, DVD player, and computer, could you all just strip naked so I can give you each head, and give you the best rimmer's you ever had, you'll be seeing fireworks till Christmas time...

    After I make them "shoot" twice, they decide I am a really great dude, so not only do they not steal from me, they take me on a shopping spree and I get much needed toys for my apartment.....


  11. Anonymous10:48

    give them the key

  12. I would call the police and the church. Have the church to tell them about being a sinner! It is a sin to shave your chest hair!

  13. Anonymous06:19

    what would i do? anything they want!

  14. Anonymous08:39

    pants off boys!!!

  15. Anonymous16:19

    Lay down and spread my legs to show off my pretty pink hole.

  16. Anonymous09:47

    Considering the fact that Greg Plitt is in the center of the crowd, I would call HGTV and tell them their carpenter has been found!


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