06 February 2012

Charles Then and Now

Charles Dera is one of the biggest male names in straight porn. He did a few solo photo shoots for gay mags early in his career, but I don't believe he's ever done a jerkoff video.

I think he's a walking example of how men become hotter as they age. In the first shot here, you can see him as a pup, but with time he grew into a man. He also lost his razor somewhere along the way.


  1. I know nothing of straight porn but I remember seeing him in the International Male/Undergear catalogs.

  2. that's what I've always said - literally EVERY man gets better as he gets older. No exception (... besides myself - LOL)!

  3. I can remember him from the past and thought he was hot then, and like you, I agree he has gotten hotter with age.

  4. Charles is definitely a laudable hunk of a man, the chiseled smoldering countenance, well built physique and that manly bearing and swagger - it's the whole masculine package! Adonis of the century!


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