20 February 2012

Too Cocky

I've featured Alain here before on the blog. I'd rate his body a nine, his face a five, and his attitude a one. He's done a little bit of straight porn but mostly does solo jerkoff stuff. I've seen some of it, and he seems to be into that "worship my body but you'll never be worthy to touch me" sort of stuff.

Now some blokes are really into humiliation. They hear that and they just want to grovel. Others, like me, hear that and they just want to retaliate. I want to handcuff him, strip him naked, stuff a dirty jockstrap in his mouth, and ride him like a whore, then share him with my closest dozen friends. Okay, I'm a bit twisted, but there you have it.


  1. Anonymous06:28

    I'd give his face a 1 too. He looks like an overgrwon Oompa-loompa.

  2. cogent insights all of which i agree with totally. hey...we're pretty smart guys! lol.

  3. I agree 100%. I also want to do the same thing to that fucking tease, Cody Cummings.

  4. Alain's one hot guy!!! especially that hole of his!!!

  5. Can I be one of your dozen closest friends? Because seriously...I'd love to fuck his attitude out of him.

    1. Anonymous05:05

      Mee too...I'm a big rugby player, I think he's a total submissive pussyboy, I would like to cuff him , shave him head to toes and gang fuck him so hard with all my team mates , most of the blacks !!!

  6. great bod indeed but that face is like a mackeral!

  7. Anonymous06:10

    I'm Snarky -- but to me the perfect picture of this guy is the one of him kissing himself in the mirror. It says everything about his attitude and self absorption, as well as his apparent lack of awareness and engagement with others.

  8. tie him down and have at it.

  9. Anonymous19:09

    Quick ! somebody turn me into a towel. I wanna hang on that rack.

  10. Anonymous12:44

    Boy needs a bag or a mask for his face!
    That is one ugly mfer


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