11 February 2012

Three Lads

This is the all-time top rated gay video on the PornHub site, and I can see why. I hope it stakes a tent in your jeans, too.


  1. really? all time highest? it's good but no better than any other.............interesting!

  2. Anonymous09:20

    The ALL TIME #1 video on PornHub??? You must be kidding? Its an OK vid. . but there are MUCH BETTER and HOTTER vids out there! The guys in this vid are not even that hot looking. .. please. PornHub must not have many good videos to choose from if thats the BEST they can come up with.. . hehehe.

  3. Anonymous14:36


  4. Anonymous09:29

    Well, the one thing I will say for it is that the double-plugging is hot as hell.

    Usually the bottom in such situations seems to be accommodating but not enjoying, like the idea of it is more pleasurable than the actual getting.

    But this bottom clearly loves it. He seemed to rock back to swallow it again each time the one top pulled out.

  5. I've seen hotter but I appreciate the woody at any rate. Thanks.


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