24 February 2012


Newsweek ran these photos for a feature about US Navy SEALs. I had no idea their training was so tactile. So many male hands all over male flesh. My oh my. I need a SEAL to come train me.

These photos are quite large so be sure to click each one to see these fine specimens of young manhood in all their glory.


  1. Spectacular pics of spectacular men

  2. Anonymous02:32

    les vrais males se sont les militairesd grace a un entrainement dur les jeunes males deviennent des vrais males plein de testosterone des couilles biens grosses grace a un entrainement pour des vrais males dernieres photo j imagine qu ils sont en attente de se vider les balloches dans des chatees de filles pour qu ils vident leurs jus de male qu ils les travaille


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