08 February 2012

This Is For You, Coach

Who did not have a gay fantasy crush on a hot coach or gym teacher in high school or college? I'm sure a lot of straight lads did, too. And I bet a lot of guys realized they weren't straight when they couldn't stop thinking about what coach might do if they ever were alone together.


  1. it's amazing how a simple "rub" cured his cramps! lol

  2. I certainly felt that way about several of my coaches.,.. except we'd be fucking each other!!!

  3. Anonymous13:25

    Alas, none of my high school coaches were fantasy-worthy.

  4. I was in seventh grade, we got a fresh from college Social Studies teacher, I ended up in that class and his reading class as all teachers had a reading class. Think a much finer and way more handsome version of a cross between Mr. Kotter and Chad Douglas .

    He started an after school wrestling program, and would shower with us after practice....man did he crank up my 12/13 year old libido, even snuck into his office and swiped his sweaty jock once. He filled it out a lot like Chad Douglas too, Slurp!

    Come high school, though, all coaches were fat and lazy, but this guy and that cock filled jock will always live on.

  5. Anonymous16:13

    Love this scenario! Quite a turn-on! What is the name of this move?

  6. Anonymous13:53

    This is from COCKSURE MEN: "My Bareback Coach". Enjoy!


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