03 February 2012

Working the Abs

So much to like here -- the perfect uncut cock, the tight abs, the hairy legs, the sensual mouth, the brooding eyes to look into whilst he blows me. I strongly suspect he shaved his chest, but if I keep him locked away in my safe room and feed him a balanced diet of cum and protein, it'll soon grow back.


  1. Anonymous11:36

    Shaved his pits, too. Ugh.

  2. Anonymous16:29

    Oh yes, great hairy legs, nice manly bush that leads down to that beautiful uncut cock, and I agree, nice chest, but would be even better with a hairy chest...


  3. Anonymous02:35

    Yes, with hairy legs (& arms) like that you just don't have a hairless chest & pits! What does he do - wander around in trousers & shoulder-length gloves & just leave his chest exposed?!

  4. That is so hot! I love his hairy legs but why shave his pits? :(
    His foreskin is hot too. I bet he shaved his chest hair :(


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