23 February 2012


I used to dislike this bloke because he took the same name as the legendary Jake Andrews, one of the true great male porn stars. But then I realized that's not fair because chances are this young pup was given his porn name by some producer.

He does bear some resemblance to the great Jake Andrews when he was young. He could be the older one's son from a weekend adventure on the other side of the tracks when some sex-crazed took advantage of the legend and got herself knocked up.

The younger Jake does not have the presence of the original. The legendary Jake exuded masculinity even when he bottomed. There was nothing nelly about him.

The younger Jake is starting to mature into something interesting. He's not there yet but he could be there. He's still too sweet and baby-faced, but sometimes a face like that is meant to have a fat cock stuffed into it. He could play the naive bottom well.

It would be really interesting to cast the older Jake and the younger Jake in a scene together. I'm getting hard just thinking about that. Then the young pup would really know what it was like to be fucked by a real man. The older Jake has made occasionally returns to porn in recent years. Maybe he'll be back again soon.

These pictures are all rather big, so if you click each one, he'll fill your screen.


  1. Anonymous11:57

    not even a shadow of the original.

  2. ordinarily, I'd say he's still a bit too young for my liking ... that said, he comes across as extremely sensuous and sexy, sure of himself, horny ... Give him another ten years and he'll be the hottest thing in porn EVER!

  3. Anonymous13:29

    I don't care what his name is, I like very much..lol.. just the right size cock, and thickness..mighty easy on the eyes, like the scruff on his face too, might I just add, nice butt, chest and hairy legs... did I leave anything out?


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