04 February 2012

In the Barn

Xvideos has been a bit wonky lately, so I surfed around on PornHub, a similar site, to see what man-on-man videos they had. One of the first ones I found was Ricky here using some poor ranch hand as his personal cum rag. If you'd like to watch the video in a larger screen version, please click here.

If you have a chance, please leave a comment about how you like PornHub's video insert in comparison to Xvideos.


  1. I occasionally watch PornHub...the insert here is great because it just plays; it doesn't pop open other windows. BTW....hot clip!

  2. The video never loaded for me. It just kept loading. But it may just be my system. Xtube always worked for me.

  3. OK, I'll speak up. It's fast compared to XTube; I don't know if it's consistently that way, but bam! Right to the point. I like that.

    The only thing I didn't like is that there's no quick view along the bottom slide bar. Also, at the end when it shows other video selections, it didn't seem to stay in the similar tag group or category if you wanted to see more. XTube seems to give more of a selection to pick from.

    FYI, I thought the barn video was a good hot choice! Thanks!

  4. After three attempts, it finally did work.

  5. Anonymous09:33

    The PornHub video is not showing on my screen at all on your site here today. .. .

  6. Anonymous09:34

    NOW it came up .. .dont know what is going on but always seem to have delayed reactions on your site anymore with the videos... . Hmmmmm. . . might be my system... .not sure.

  7. Anonymous09:34

    PornHub seems to have poorer resolution, more fuzziness than Xvideo, especially when picture is enlarged.

  8. Anonymous15:23

    Me like PornHub better. And me like the way the bottom fuck better in this video. He knows how to take care of a dick. 'Ricky',on the other hand, could use some lessons on how to suck & fuck, especially that silly jabbing-move. I've been topping for decades. Never met anyone who goes for that jabbing stuff.

  9. Porn hub videos are usually less clear, fuzzier, than X-Videos. No idea why, though ...

  10. You should play one of the videos linked to this one - the top is huge and the bottom clearly loves to be fucked and is probably also fuckup. He is really having a good time and it shows in a good way.


  11. Anonymous11:01

    Ricky's gained a little weight (not necessarily a bad thing). This isn't his best performance. But the bottom in this this video is pretty darn sexy; I'd do him, though I'd have to think twice about hooking up with Sinz.


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