01 February 2012

Primal Urges

Many thanks to blog reader Matt who passed along a link for this video. Lane Fuller is back, this time with Anthony Lafont.


  1. hmmmmm video NOT loading mayhaps it will later blogger is being ridiculous!

  2. Anonymous16:30

    OK. . yet ANOTHER clip you have posted that is NOT downloadable from YOUR site. .. why is that? And WHY is it when I do go to Xvideos I cannot find it? Please either post a link so we can download it OR post the video so it can be downloadable from you site... .Much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous16:44

    Disreguard my previous message about not being able to download the vid from your site.. .for some reason its now letting me download it... so I dont get it.. . . but oh well. . great vid. . I just had to add to my collection. Thanks.... :)

  4. Anonymous00:24

    That video is a zillion years old!

  5. USELESS TRIVIA - I read an interview with Lane Fuller that his favorite onscreen fuck of all time was Anthony Lafont. It makes the scene that much hotter.

  6. Anonymous07:32

    I don't mean to minimize the importance of safe sex. I do, however, wonder where they got the condom.

  7. Anonymous09:18

    What a truly lovely video and my fantasy, I have had some great sex on beaches but nothing this fantastic! It makes you believe they were meant for each other!

  8. Anonymous11:57

    Gives new meaning to the term "rock hard." And, I agree with Anonymous #4--where'd the condom come from? And, how'd they get from a warm, sunny, sandy beach to a stony, gravely, foggy headland? Lane may have had the best onscreen fuck here, but it didn't do much for me; sorry. Too cold all around.


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