26 February 2012

Orifice in the Underworld

Okay, I know it's a really bad pun, but I couldn't help myself. That aside, beyond the cheesy setup, this video is pretty hot. I hope it makes you all hot and bothered, too.


  1. I loved your literary play on words. Marco Blaze is one the most beautiful men in porn and it certainly helps that he has one of the most gorgeous cocks in the biz. And yes, now I'm hot and bothered. Thanks


  2. Anonymous12:33

    Though I'm also a big fan of Marco's cock... I have this Cazzo Club DVD and I have to add Marco Blaze has one of the most gorgeous asses in the porn biz. It is such a beautiful sight to watch him get fucked doggie. My eyes always become transfixed by the muscular curve of his back leading down to those two perfect creamy white bouncing cheeks getting split open.... and his gorgeous cock is always hard when he gets fucked..


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