13 February 2012

Product of Brazil

Here's a nice little collection of up-and-coming models from Brazil who forgot their birthday suits. If you've ever been to South America, you know you'll find no shortage of sizzling hot maleflesh which seems to be grown in abundance.

Be sure to click each picture below to see full-sized because many are quite large. And by the way: I have first dibs on the third one, so if you want him too, you'll have to wait for sloppy seconds.


  1. I'm well aware that it's always tricky to generalise, but Brazilians as a whole ARE in fact the most beautiful people in the world. Generally speaking.

  2. Anonymous15:15

    Aren't they wearing their "birthday suits"?

  3. While you are busy with #3, I'll be busy with #4, Marlon Teixeira...

  4. Anonymous03:52

    Thanks so much for not recurring the tiresome stereotype of mulatos . Brazilians come in ALL colours, including white.


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