07 February 2012

True Love

I'll bet the little bloke is the top. I wonder if they first met at a Santorum for President volunteers mixer?


  1. Anonymous07:13

    beautiful picture...IT SAYS SOOOO MUCH!!!

  2. Anonymous18:23

    I think the big guy is the top. Just look at the way they hold hands. The top would always like to take control, coz I know =P

  3. I thought that very same thing!

  4. Anonymous22:37


  5. Anonymous02:12

    The blond is probably the top unless he's a bossy bottom considering...

  6. Anonymous07:48

    I think they're awesome for showing affection for each other.

  7. Anonymous14:22

    But if you're wrong, your words could be libelous!

  8. Anon@2:22--

    Nothing I said could be remotely actionable as libel. There's absolutely nothing defamatory about speculating whether someone is a top or a bottom or whether he or she supports a particular candidate. Libel must be a statement of fact, not an opinion. As well, it must be intentionally false and meant to cause measurable harm, which I certainly did not do. Further, the person harmed must be identifiable, and considering both of these gentlemen have their backs turned, they are anonymous.

  9. Anonymous19:03

    It's good that they are holding hands in public. If we're invisible our enemies win.

    My partner and I make it a point to hold hands or kiss everytime we're in public. (at the grocery we do it in different aisles each time) We're in our late 50s and people smile and think its cute (we're just two harmless old guys!)

    This isn't for everyone but it's important for people to know ever present GLBT folks are-- and we're not going away or going back into hiding.
    Tom J


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