28 February 2012

Cubicle Warrior

I had a meeting in Century City yesterday and rode up in the elevator with two blokes who I could tell were very toned under their suits. They were quite pale, like they spent far too much time working long hours inside, hunched over their spreadsheets and audit reports. The entire time they talked about some incredibly dull sounding financial arcana.

One of the lads was dark-haired and married while the other was ginger with a trim beard with no wedding ring. I was picking up some signals on my gaydar about him, but he spent the entire time gazing at his coworker. Perhaps that's what keeps him slaving away long hours whilst he fantasizes about the other lad, spreading him on the sheets and auditing his assets.


  1. Damn! This man is very hot! I love to rim his ginger hole! Suck his uncut cock. Then give him a tantric cock massage since he is stressed out about spread shits, I mean sheets. LOL

  2. Anonymous09:03

    Thanks for the ginger spread!

  3. I don't think men can possibly get much hotter than this!!!

  4. Love burly gingy guys.

  5. Anonymous21:59

    That cock really wants to be sucked...shluuurpp!

  6. Anonymous04:11

    this is one of your hottest posts lately. amazing, got totally bonned before seeing the last pic.

  7. Anonymous20:04

    omg! i have been a fan of porn for a long time and this has to be the finest ginger man i have ever seen. from the beautiful face to the perfect body and gorgeous natural body hair, this man has got it all! oh yeah, and the muscular legs, the furry pits and that thick bush! even the photo shoot itself is beautiful.

  8. Anonymous05:44

    This is Danny Harper aka Morgen Arild aka Red Morgen. Hot ginger god. Excellent post and blog! Thanks for your entertaining and sometimes educational commentary - oh, and your great choice of images! tomil


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