26 November 2013

1937 Group Shower

Recently I was looking through a digital folder of old news photographs. Scrolling through quickly, I saw a flash of this image before it passed on by.

The horndog who lives in my brain shouted, "hey, hold it, you just passed some gay porn." So I scrolled back and found this.

Taken in 1937, the photo shows four college football players having a shower. The two on the left are halfbacks, the one center right is a fullback, and the one on the right is the quarterback. It wasn't meant to look like porn then, but it looks like that now.

Now I don't know anything about American football, but I have taken a shower or two in a locker room in my day. I don't ever recall blokes standing this close together, soaping up and rinsing off, unless it was in some kind of porn scene. Real men give each other more personal space than this.

I imagine they were bunched together so they would all fit in the photo. In 1937, that wouldn't raise any eyebrows and most anyone seeing this in a newspaper or magazine would think nothing of it.

But I'll bet some lads cut it out to save. Their minds went deeper, much like the horndog trapped in my brain. This would be pure fantasy-generating material in an era when gay porn was non-existent. The lads on the left look like they're actually touching groin-to-groin as if they've got some frottage going on.

And one other thing -- the quarterback on the right who looks like he's buttfucking the fullback? No joke -- his name was Elmer Logg.

You'll find a larger version of this same photo here


  1. Anonymous07:09

    If those guy were in college in 1937, they are or would be in their 90's today.
    Just an observation but the photo looks more recent than 1937. Too bad we can't tell if they're naked and/or if any have a woodie.

    1. Anon, it's an actual 1937 picture. Positively, without question. I checked it against the published source.

  2. Anonymous19:48

    Sweet boys being boys.. after a game enjoying the "closeness"... I like, no matter what year!!!

  3. Anonymous01:06

    Elmer Logg played for the University of Washington, he was born in 1911 and died in 1984. His wife died in 1957


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