20 November 2013

The Swim Team

Our high school had no swim team. Had I known this sort of thing happened, I would've worked diligently to organize one. Had I known this sort of thing was going on when I went to college, I would've tried out for the swim team.

I apologize for the fact that some of the videos linked here have been shut down as of late. When I find a hot clip has been posted on one of the porn sites, I will link it here, but that's all I can do. When it's gone, it's gone. As the Vicomte de Valmont says frequently in Dangerous Liaisons, "it's beyond my control."

To view these randy swim team lads directly on the Xvideos site, please click here and here.

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  1. My high school didn't have a swim team or a wrestling team. We were so deprived!


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