29 November 2013

Virgin Territory

This is Evan Shaw, one of the new confections at the Randy Blue website. He's young but not really a twink. What a prime piece of manflesh he is.

Right now, they have him doing a solo jerkoff scene, which seems to be the standard maiden voyage for any new lad in porn. I'm certainly hoping they bring him back for later use with a partner or two.

His sweet little hole looks tight and virginal. He also has perfect blowjob lips. Lucky is the man who popped or will pop his cherry.

These photos are larger than they appear here. For a free folder with 28 larger shots of Evan, please click here.


  1. Your taste in men is amazing! Your comments got me all hot! I agree, as I would love to see what he looks like with a cock sliding in and out of his mouth. When he gets fucked, if he does, I hope he lets us know if it's his first time. But a rim job is needed first! He is a hottie, regular guy, not a twink! Thanks for the posting

  2. Anonymous18:02

    He is the definition of Fuckable.

    Pretty lips, pretty tits/nips and an even prettier ass/pink hole. Sean Zevran at Randy Blue would be a good match.

  3. I agree, this guy is hot & definitely not a twink. Love everything about him, especially his eyes, dick and mouth-watering hole. Skin nice and smooth...yeah, everything. Evan Shaw, hmmmm.


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