11 November 2013

The Paratrooper

I think this big strapping lad is wearing paratrooper boots, hence the title. He's not leading-man handsome, but he has a tasty body and nice uncut cock.

I'm guessing he's Czech because I've seen that red barrel-ceiling room in other photo shoots of Czech lads. Perhaps he did these photos when he had some leave, if he is indeed active military.

These are larger photos than appearing below, so click here for a folder with all the images if you want to examine more closely and save.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    I think he's gorgeous, especially in the pic where he is smiling. Nice!

  2. Anonymous11:01

    I have long admired this guy (well for a couple o' months at least ;).

    This pics are from scaryfuckers and he goes by the name of... wait for it .. "Slappy Deep".

    Those craaazy europeans, eh?

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