28 November 2013

Traveling Man

I'm not an American by birth, so I have no Thanksgiving tradition of my own. We did not celebrate the holiday growing up, so I've never paid it much attention.

I often use Thanksgiving day to begin or end a trip, and I'm doing so again this year. The day before Thanksgiving can be a nightmare for travelers, but not the actual holiday day itself. It's arguably one of the best days of the year to travel domestically or in/out of the US.

If you're traveling this holiday, take care and stay safe. And if you have a chance to drop your pants at an appropriate moment, as we see this hot bloke doing here, go for it and take a picture picture. This exhibitionist proves the old adage that some of the hottest and horniest men can be found at truck stops.

To see a much larger picture of the naked trucker, click here.

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  1. Anonymous07:05

    Good God, this man would be so hot if he didn't trim his pubes. Yuck!


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