08 November 2013

Brooklyn Born

This lad was identified as Richard Sere, a metalworker from Brooklyn, when he appeared in Playgirl magazine in 1995. Who knows if that's really true, but this appears to be the only nude work he's done. I found elsewhere on the Internet that he now is in the New York Fire Department, attached to a Brooklyn battalion.

He definitely looks like he could be the product of Brooklyn. They grow some really hot Italian-American men out there.

Playgirl was once catnip for men who liked men. Purportedly, females were less than 5 percent of their readership. The editors must've known this, because their editorial slant was never much toward women. It wasn't like Cosmo with cocks.


  1. Dude has beautiful pubes, partix that last shot. Woof!

  2. Anonymous13:07

    If I lived in Brooklyn, I'd be tempted to call in a false alarm.
    The discreet tattoo is compelling evidence the pictures are from 1995.

  3. Anonymous02:59

    According to linkdn he graduated from Harvard Business School, is a Lt. In the FDNY and sells real estate...wonder what has changed in the 20 years since pix were taken.

  4. Anonymous18:51

    Nice looking dude, nice body, and his cock is just the right size for me.. Thick and not too large. Could fit someplace real nice:):)

  5. Anonymous07:37

    Oh yeah "Playgirl" was one of my favorite "jerk-off" mags of the day. I agree, I bet more dudes into dudes bought Playgirl:):)

  6. I used to own this issue and every other from 1980 when I was 14 until 2005 when a fire destroyed them all, I was heartbroken and pissed. I guess I was lucky that I never got asked for id and was allowed to buy the magazines, they were instrumental in my development as a gay man and while Playgirls readership was predominantly gay/bi men they refused to admit it I think the highest percentage they would admit to was between 20-30%

  7. I remember his Playgirl spread. I don't remember any of these photos so maybe he's done 2 nude spreads. If he's who I'm thinking of. He was wearing a yellow hard hat in a construction area. Nah, looking again I don't think it is the guy I'm thinking of. I'm thinking his features were even more Italian looking than this guy. One photo of that spread always got me off...

  8. Anonymous20:32

    Mmmm im in love 😍


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