24 November 2013

The Great Outdoors

Given the right weather, the great outdoors may be the best place to get down, as the lads in the first clip here have realized. But if you have inclement weather, a nice handy cavern will do the trick, as those in the second clip have discovered.

To view directly on the Xvideos page, please click here and here.


  1. Anonymous04:37

    For those out there who'd like to know...the energetic top doing most of the humping in these scenes (until he's humped by Blake Harper that is) is uber hot Michael Vincenzo. Incredible stamina and capable of shooting multiple juicy loads.

    Wish some kind person would tell us who the 'Check Your Basket' buff hottie in briefs is???

  2. Anonymous08:10

    These are obviously both from Titan's HEAT, one of my great all time favorites. The scene following the second clip is even more fabulous. Thank you.


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