12 November 2013

The Nutcrackers

I'm not a fan of images that feminize men. So I tend not to favor anything with cross-dressing and the like.

There are exceptions, though. Some attempts to feminize men end up making them look more masculine and tempting. I'd say this is one of those exceptions.

That one in the middle with the muscular pelt makes me hot and bothered in all the right places. I think it would be extra hot if he didn't have on any knickers under his tutu, so when he jumped around, we'd all get to see his heavy, thick uncut cock and big hairy balls bobbing and bouncing all over the place.

Right click to see the photograph in its original, larger size.


  1. Anonymous10:41

    Sorry does nothing for me, now if they were in boxers or tighty whities, I'd be pounding my meat. They are hunky dudes.

    Then again maybe I"m not comfortable with my masculinity..lol....

  2. Anonymous21:02

    I agree 100% in all you say about feminizing men, and also agree that this 3 guys are hotter than hell itself. WOW that's the kind of Swan Lake or Nutcracker Ballet I would pay top $$$ to see X100

  3. Anonymous00:07

    Despite of that ridiculous dance skirt, I am paying attention to the whole image. Pecs, pecs and pecs and masculinity over all!. God, they are absolutely sexy.

  4. You are correct sir, and these guys look so silly, that they look fine in those tutus.

  5. I tend to pick smooth over hairy, so I take the smooth skinned studded tutu on the right. I even like his hair, haha.


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