18 November 2013

Hanging Out

When things heat up with another man and sexual activity is imminent, one of the hottest sights is when he opens his jeans and you see he's flying commando. First you see his patch of pubes. Then you see the root of his cock.

He keeps sliding down his pants, as more and more of the shaft appears, until the head comes into site. Once his cock is free of its restraint, it bobs out into the open and, perhaps, begins to harden.

It's like opening a present as more and more is revealed until you see the whole wonderful gift. Thinking about this is making me hard right now. How about you?

Most of these images are much larger than they appear here, so here is a free folder containing all of them.


  1. yeah you made me hard too!

  2. Anonymous18:18

    oh yeah, I agree, like when you open a Christmas present.. your eyes just light up with Glee...

  3. #4 is Aspen (Solomon @ CM) and #7 is an old CT model, forgotten his name. I really like #5. I'd love to slowly tug out the rest of his cock. Very hot.


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