03 November 2013

The Wholesome Marine's Playdate

Once again, I posted still photos of a hot scene, as I did here earlier in the week, and an eager reader found the corresponding video online and alerted me. So today you'll see the wholesome marine in action. I found this to be a well shot scene, and the lads are both eager for cock.

If you'd like to watch directly on the Xvideos site, please click here.


  1. great horny movie man enjoyed every second off that

  2. Anonymous14:22

    I prefer less fur on the floor and more on the man.

  3. Anonymous07:26

    Definitely steamy!! Heres an entirely unrelateD, but hot vid that includes some creative camera work that ehances the porn. So often that distracts from the sex.



  4. Anonymous10:29

    These guys really know how to kiss. I don't understand this trend in porn to spit on the asshole to make it wet. It kind of grosses me out. My mouth would've been clamped shut on that guy's hole, sucking it, digging my tongue up there and swirling it around --- no need to spit on it!


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