30 November 2013

The Cowboys and the Jerkers

I may have featured this first vid here before, but I see someone has recently posted it on Xvideos, so I thought a second look was warranted, if it is indeed a repeat. It's a long-time favorite from earlier porn days.

The second lad is an amateur production that I bet some of you blokes will really like. He's a fire-red ginger who models a new cock ring on his thick uncut meat and then jacks off for your viewing pleasure. I guess he has some sort of webpage because he talks about "a fan."

The third vid is anonymously made by a well hung lad who experiments with jacking off through sheer pants. I think his experiment was very successful.

For those of you having difficulties viewing the videos below, please click here, here, and here for direct links where you can watch them on the Xvideos site.


  1. The cowboy one is very hot. Love how he got fucked too. It was nice to see some frottage! I love frots!

  2. Anonymous12:48

    #1 - Vintage loops and stars must be identified. This 1978 film from Target Studios is called “Hard Rocks” aka “Cowpokes”. The cowboy with the mustache is Will Seagers. His partner, the hottie with the smooth skin, is John Colby. There’s a second part to this loop where Will Seagers makes it with Peter Bolt. He’s the bearded cowboy in the red shirt, who rented him the horse at the beginning. There were also a couple of popular picture magazines published by Target Studios, which featured stills from these two loops. The publications were titled, “Ramrod #2 - Cowboy Part One” and “Ramrod #3 – Cowboy Part Two”. I’ll leave now. My work is done.


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