15 November 2013

A Crying Shame

This big strapping lad is very easy on the eyes. He has a handsome face, a beautiful smile, a great body.

But. But, but, but.

What the hell happened to your pubes, man? Did you attack them before or after you took the cheap razor to your natural body hair, which left you with those inflamed follicles?

Throw that thing away. Walk over to your window right now, open it up, and toss that razor straight out of your life. Never, ever use it on yourself like this again.

Then come back in two months and show us how much hotter some natural hair makes you look.

These are very large images, so click here for a free folder with all eight images of big Enrique plus four more I didn't use.


  1. Awesome, in any case...

  2. Anonymous10:16


  3. Eeeewwww! I agree with you! Throw away the razor! Men without pubs looks awful

  4. Anonymous15:25

    I think some guys look hot with pubes shaved but some don't. Very few can really pull that off and look good! I tried it myself and didn't like the look on me. This guy in the pics here doesn't look good with pubes shaved . . he would look better with hair and manscaped accordingly.

  5. Anonymous13:21

    pubic hair is a sign your a man and not a boy after all we all get pubes puberty why would you want to shave it


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