25 November 2013

Thick Meat

This lad is not massively built, but I've included him for a variety of reasons. First, sharing naked pictures of yourself online is almost always to be encouraged. Second, he's not huge but he's in very nice shape, with low body fat and a great sixpack.

Something happened between the fourth and fifth picture to cause him to lose his erection. Perhaps he shot his load into the photographer's mouth. There seems to be a knowing expression towards someone offscreen.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder to see them all and save.


  1. Anonymous07:45

    Nice looking dude with what I call the perfect cock, a "medium thickie".. I'll take that over a 9 inch cock anytime.. Only thing I would ask him, is to not be so into the "manscaping" around his beautiful cock.


  2. The skinny ones will always surprise you!

  3. Whats up with the pubes?????

  4. Very suckable dick. Too bad no ass shot.


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