14 June 2014

Alpha Austin

You lads are fantastic. I post still pictures and within a few hours, one or more of you will email a link to the video that's already on one of the porn sites. I posted Austin Wolf stills the other day, and soon I was sent a link to the same video as the pictures. I don't know how you do your searches, because I've tried and failed to find some of these on my own.

If you'd rather watch on the source site and/or download a free copy, you'll need to do that here.


  1. Of course we are fantastic! Why? Cuz you are fantastic! The pics and vids and comments you post drives us crazy so we are happy to help you! You have an amazing blog. YOUR comments outs me over the edge sometimes. Now go rub your furry body, big bush and stroke your big dick while you suck your bf big dick for us!

  2. Anonymous10:33

    Ive had this video for some time now. Good video. I like Austin Wolfe. BUT one thing I don't and never have understood is rimming. Can someone tell me why a guy would put his mouth on someone a-hole and suck on it? I mean. . its where waste elimination from the body occurs and normally is not ever 100% clean. Plus do you know you can get parasites from licking or sucking on someones ass? Have you ever had giardia? Its the same parasite that a person gets from drinking contaminated water if they are out on a camping trip. A lot of gay men carry it in their intestines and pass it around. I had giardia one time a few years ago. Don't know exactly how I got it since I have never rimmed anyone. . But let me tell you. Its not fun! You have to have your doctor test you for it first then you have to take medication to kill off the parasite. In the mean time the parasite is sucking all the nutrients out of your food and you are losing weight and energy til they are killed off. SO, can someone explain to me WHY rimming is something they would to to another person? I have never gotten that end of a sexual encounter! Thanks.

    1. Anonymous04:42

      I agree - it always makes me cringe, when watching porn II always ff that bit if I can. In my wide 40 year experience it's only since the last, say, 20 years since that seem an important part of gay sex. It's a fashion set by porn and then everyone seems to be expected to do it. Don't get me wrong I love porn but it does put pressure on you to perform in ways perhaps you wouldn't if left to your own instincts. But enough of this - sex and porn are great as long as you know your own boundaries and know what you like, and don't like, doing.


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