20 June 2014

Just a Glimpse

I sometimes am annoyed at models who show partial glimpses of their cock but keep it mostly obscured with a hand or a prop. In the movie business, this is known as a cheat. A good example of a cheat is a sign or truck placed at a strategic spot in a period movie to obscure a newer building or permanent fixture that can't be removed temporarily for filming.

Sometimes a clever and creative photographer will come up with a cheat that doesn't look like a cheat and, in fact, enhances the erotic feeling. This is one of those photos.

We see just a glimpse of his magnificent uncut cock. It's like he's in the locker room and turning toward us, but then another bloke passes by, temporarily obscuring any further view. By the time he's passed, the subject of our admiration has pulled on his underwear or turned the other way so we can no longer see his meat.

Of course, if you're devious like me, you could trick him into facing you full on with a ruse like, "excuse me, sir, but I think I just spotted a tick on your thigh." He steps closer so you can see everything unobscured.

This is a huge photo, so click here to see and save the large format original.


  1. Anonymous08:18

    I think the peek-a-boo shots like this are more sexier in some ways. It leaves more up to your imagination and you know how your imagination can run wild. One of the hottest pics of a guy that I ever ran across was this guy laying on his side with just the bottom of his shirt pulled up just enough to show his lower abdomen and his belly button and THAT was just enough to make that pic VERY HOT.. VERY SEXY. So yeah, sometimes its not just about a cock hangin there in your face or an ass sticking out there. . sometimes its about sexiness and the allure of the picture.


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