19 June 2014

Vulnerable Chris

There are a lot of Chris Rockway photo sets out there, but I think this is about the nicest one I've seen. He somehow seems both strong and vulnerable here, particularly in the first one. The pornstar mask is down and we see the real Chris (or whatever his name actually is) underneath.

From the neck down he reminds me of a bloke I had a crush on in my sophomore year at university. He was a math major so I shared no classes with him save for one first-year lecture, but we lived on the same floor so I regularly saw him nearly naked in nothing but running shorts. He was on the wrestling team but otherwise super quiet and shy.

These are large, high res pictures of Chris, so to see and save the entire set of twelve, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous07:39

    There is actually this guy at one of the gyms that I go to. Very similar look to this Rockway guy. A little older and maybe a bit more buffed but very similar. Anyway, we were gym buddies and Im certainly not out and about at the gym but one day he tells me he wanted to maybe do a video or do a cam show with this gay site for money and he wanted to know my advice or opinion. I told him to go for it. but I don't think he acted on it. But regardless, he was considering it and Im sure probably still is. I do photography as a hobby. Maybe I should get back in touch with him and see if he would wanna do a shoot and get some pics and see what others think? ???

  2. I looked at these photos of Chris on Friday. Saturday night I was near the Los Angeles Staple Center with a friend walking around. At a crosswalk, I turned to my right and there was Chris R. with a date.(female) standing next to us. I think he's extremely hot and I almost couldn't control my reaction. He probably noticed. We walked near them for a short time and they were gone. I also get the feeling he's a nice guy.


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