02 June 2014

Fratres In Aeternum

I found these posted on a woman's blog, and they're making the rounds amongst other female journals. He's identified as Adam and straight. Who knows if that's true.

The second and particularly third shots are what captured my attention. That tattoo is super ugly, but at the same time it's an intriguing mystery. It's obviously religious and bears the inscription "Fratres In Aeternum," which means "brothers forever" in Latin.

I researched this a bit online and it seems to be connected with the Jesuits. So that begs the question of why he's sporting it. He's a defrocked priest? A former special forces warrior? An assassin for the Vatican? He's also wearing a T-shirt promoting an event in the UK, so that's a twist on the mystery.

I want to tempt Adam but it certainly wouldn't be with an apple. That's part of the reason I strangely find that tattoo a turn on -- I want to corrupt him. An allegedly religious lad who puts his naked selfies online seems like he's ripe for a life-changing transgression.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so if you'd like to examine closer and save, be sure to click here.


  1. For smooth, he is very hot, nice cock and balls! Hope this goes around the world a few times before it gets back to him and then he finds out lotsa people saw him! LOL!

  2. That Absolutely needs corruption
    Let me alone with him and he will shout "MY MOTHER SUCKS COCK
    SO DO I"

  3. Anonymous01:00

    He looks English via the Christian Bale route...


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