01 June 2014

Dex's Liquid Protein Show

Before I posted Dex's stills here the other day, I searched the various video sites to see if they had anything with him. I came up with a big fat goose egg.

Within an hour of that post going live, one of you regular golden retriever readers found a link for me. This is a fairly new video, so it might not last long. Watch or download in the next few days.

If you'd rather watch on the source page and/or download for later viewing, you'll need to click here.


  1. Anonymous09:14

    Cute face. . . masculine attitude. . .but too hairy for my taste. Hes a hairy bear. He would look so much more sexier if he shaved before being filmed and cleaned himself up a bit and gave himself a nice sleek muscular body. It just shows off his body moreso than all the hair covering his cuts and muscle. The hair detracts from the muscular body.

  2. Masculine hairy jerkoff scene! I'm all there!! Right into the spank bank! Thank you!

  3. Anonymous13:03

    Dex's cock gets really, really red when he approaches orgasm; what a turn-on! Plus, I love it when guys kneel like this when they're jerking-off. For some reason, it's a sexy position; I love looking between their legs to see their ass cheeks.


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