28 June 2014

Reality Lust

These lads reportedly were a real couple when this scene was made, and that adds to the steam and scorch factor. This is true reality TV.

If you prefer watching on the source site, or to download a free copy, please click here.


  1. Anonymous08:47

    That was soo HOT, my cock was hard soo fast!
    If they are no longer together let me know who the top is.

  2. Anonymous08:59

    The bald one. I forget his porn name.. . played with him a few times. . local bathhouse. . . both times was really weird. . . think he was high both times. . .just was all over the place and didn't know what he wanted or was into. . so not a good experience both times although I tried to make it work. . .. . not sure if he was with this guy or not then but Im sure he plays around a lot. . . ALOT.

  3. Anonymous04:16

    Thanks 4 the info Anonymous.
    Since the post I have searched and found him.
    He is weird.


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