10 June 2014

Austin's Angry Afternoon

Porn shoots and scenes usually don't have much of a story line. So I concoct one in my head sometimes when I like the pictures.

My theory for this one is that big strapping 6'4 rentboy Austin Wolf is caught in ugly LA traffic on the way to bang a new client. So he's already in a bad mood when the client says he's short for the fee but hopes he'll still fuck him.

Horny, needing to bust a nut, angry at the short-changing client, Austin ties him up and throws him an anger fuck. Needless to say, the client gets more than his money's worth.

These photos are all larger than they appear below and are archived in a free folder with 62 larger format photos of Austin in several scenes, including this one, which can be downloaded here.


  1. I'll short change him too if I get that treatment
    What's his number, Where do I sign up?

  2. Falcon Plantagenet17:48

    Screw the pictures. I want to see the video.

  3. Anonymous20:41

    Austin is one super hot man, and I'd love to see this video, several of his videos include a WINDOW scene like this He's looking HOTTER by the day!!!

  4. Anonymous07:49

    Safe sex? Not if that window is open!

  5. Anonymous05:50

    He is so hot but that tattoo around his navel...hmm...


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