08 June 2014

The Luv Van

I've never seen this video before, so I don't know if the opening is original to the scene or if it was added by a later user. It's different and the fast cocksucking cuts intercut with the other shots gives it a more erotic feel than many lame porn setups.

A van is the perfect setting for some hookup sex. Why didn't men use those in real life instead of cruising parks and getting arrested? If you were into anonymous sex, I imagine in a used van could be a prudent investment. It would be great for hooking up with married men, too.

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  1. Anonymous07:56

    First of all. . as a commentator here. let me say that I had the unhappy pleasure of meeting Johnny Hazzard, the bottom here, at a party a few yrs ago and he is one of the biggest jerks I have EVER met. Secondly, the quality of this vid is not good and the blue lighting makes it even worse. The blue lighting takes away from the quality and that destroys the appeal of the video scene.

  2. Oh they did BUT getting into a stranger's van makes it easier for him to dispose of the body. ;)

  3. Anonymous21:30

    the porno star " JOHNY " I know him & the love "LUV VAN " open with him having flash back of a life he had before he hit the run & was picke dup by the guy driving van in COWBOY HAT

  4. Anonymous13:47

    This video must have been filmed at K-Mart: it's a "blue light special"! Anonymous commenter #1, above, is right: the video is of poor quality and the lighting certainly doesn't help. Manhandler, you've done much better in the past.


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