17 June 2014

Beau? Is That You?

This bloke looks amazingly like Beau Bridges when he was younger, somewhere on the timeline shortly after his Norma Rae days. It's definitely not the actor, because he's now 72.

Mr. Unknown doesn't ping my gaydar, so perhaps he sent this to a now-ex girlfriend who exacted her revenge by posting it online. Or maybe my gaydar needs a service check.

The picture is huge, so to download your free copy of the original size, click here.


  1. Anonymous11:39

    hello daddy... i've been very bad... i think i need to be punished...

  2. I've just found your blog and now I'm in love.
    Aussie hugs & kisses.

  3. Hello daddy
    I've been very very good and I deserve a reward

  4. Anonymous03:27

    no offense to Beau, but he never looked that good, however, Jeff is another story.......................

  5. Anonymous10:46

    Cette photo est trop facilement trouvable. Il faudrait l'enlever... on la trouve via google.
    conseil d'ami!

  6. Anonymous14:55

    His name is Eric Cabana and he's a Québec actor. There's many pictures of him naked or in briefs (selfies) on the internet.


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