09 June 2014

Shaving Versus Sucking

Shaving is time-consuming. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that. Besides, you can end up looking like a plucked chicken or a prepubescent boy.

I shaved my body a few times some years ago but never again. The chafing and ingrown hairs that occurred for weeks afterward are still an unpleasant memory.

If you're not shaving, that frees you up to do other things. Like sucking. Or getting sucked. Or fucking. Or getting fucked. Or any or all of these. Colby and Jarec here demonstrate some things you can do during the free time if you abandon shaving.

The pictures appearing below are quite a bit larger and part of a set of twenty, all of which you can examine and download for free by clicking here.

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  1. I totall agree with you but I guess you do not have a hairy shoulders. I only shave there and trim my pubs a bit.


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