03 June 2014

Zeb's New Scarf

In my humble opinion, this is when Zeb Atlas looked his best. He was impressively very muscular, nicely furry, and unblemished by body ink. He still looks hot today, but not quite as good as he did here.

These pictures are larger than they appear here and part of a set of sixteen. If you'd like to download the complete set, you can do so here in a zipped file or here in a gallery page to select the photos you'd like to keep.


  1. Anonymous08:42

    I have to tell you.. .Zeb Atlas is built YES... but he just doesn't have any sexiness to him at all . . . so I personally am not attracted to him at all. A guy has to have that sexiness to him to really make him appealing and well, big ol Zeb. . just lacks that.. Sorry but true.

  2. Awesome! Hot man!

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  4. I am so tired of seeing Jeb Atlas all over the gay websites when he is so
    So GAY FOR Pay
    I hate waisting my time

  5. Anonymous21:37

    who thought the scarf was a good idea? Not feeling it.

  6. Anonymous05:44

    His head looks like it was "photo-shopped" on the body. His face is too cute for all those muscles.

  7. Zeb, alpha male.


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