26 June 2014

Big Bryce

This sturdy bloke is pornstar Bryce Evans. He's the best kind of pornstar -- versatile. I've seen him happily ride a cock with as much enthusiasm as when another lad rides him. He has a few credits from 2011 but most are from last year and this.

I couldn't find any personal stuff about him online -- age, background, and the like -- other than his height (5'9) and weight (185 pounds). He looks like he might be in his thirties or even early forties. I think that's part of the reason I find him alluring, because he's seasoned by a few years, as the hottest blokes tend to be. Give me weathered over pure any day.

All of the photos below are larger than they appear; you can see and save the originals in a free folder here.


  1. You sure know how to get us jacking away, don't you? Hot man! Love to see him in action!

  2. Anonymous20:26

    Very sexy!!!!!


  3. Anonymous09:42

    Ripped and shredded with about 5% body fat. It's hard to find a stud with such a hot body. Even his tattoos shout that this is one man in a million. What I wouldn't give to body worship him from head to toe and then edge him with a slow blow job that would drive him into total ecstasy so that he would want a rematch soon, one that I would be quick to oblige.

  4. Love to see him in a video


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