05 June 2014

Muscles and Mullets

This is pornstar Rado Zuska, who has an impressive body and commendable uncut cock. That haircut leaves something to be desired, though. Mullets went out of style like fifteen years ago. At least.

Rado has appeared in porn and is entirely versatile. He's as comfortable with a dick in his ass or mouth as he is with his in another lad. I've seen a video where both are happening to him at once.

These pictures are larger than they appear below, so be sure to click here to see and save the full set of fifteen.


  1. Anonymous10:00

    Any videos of Rado here?

  2. Anonymous12:24

    He look like he channeling "Zoolander"

  3. Anonymous13:39

    Nice body and face but silly, silly images.

  4. Anonymous22:46

    I like his penis. i want to eat that.


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