12 May 2011

California Lineman

Dan a.k.a. Rocky is the older bloke here, and Chuck is the pup. These are stills from a late 1970s porn loop, what X-rated movies were called at the time. In those pre-VCR days, other than at a porn theater, the only way to enjoy filmed smut was with mail-order eight millimeter loops for a home projector. They typically were peddled as 200-foot reels, which I think lasted about six minutes. The better ones were on something called "Super 8," which was a slightly larger format I believe.

I remember watching straight porn on eight millimeter loops at some lad's house when I was in junior high (now called middle school); he found them stashed in his dad's den. At the time I didn't really register why I was far more interested in watching the muscular man and his hard cock than the woman. I didn't see gay any porn until years later.

The setup for this little visual story is also a bit dated, too. In past decades, when one ordered new phone service, a strapping blue-collar workman from the phone company came to install your line. If you later had service trouble, a lineman was dispatched to remedy the situation.

Urban folklore included many tales of horny women gladly serviced by willing lineman cock. One must surmise some men had that pleasure, too. Such stories provided the fodder for porn like this -- the lineman arrives to investigate a problem and ends up installing his fat cock in any number of eager holes.

Today, linemen are usually only outdoors working on phone poles and the like. Some of them are still very hot, however. I saw one a few weeks ago restringing telephone wires near my house. He looked like he walked out of a 1980s porn vid -- scruffy, very mucular, fuzzy, a lean ripped physique, and three-day's growth of beard.

If you'd like to download a free folder with about four dozen scans of the entire smut magazine in which these photos appeared, be sure to click here.

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  1. Anonymous07:43

    What a coincidence! I was watching this film while reading your blog. Its name is "California Fox". The actors are Chuck Grady and Rocky Genaro.


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