19 May 2011

The Cucumber

His name is Avi. I'm guessing he's Israeli as I've known several lads from Israel with that name.

Israel exports a lot of cucumbers because of its ideal growing climate. Avi would make an excellent new spokesmodel for the Israeli cucumber industry.

Maybe they need a new slogan, too: Israeli cucumbers make you grow bigger.


  1. Anonymous06:19

    Damn! I mean DAMN! I want THAT cucumber and I want it now! Avi is fucking hot!

    - John

  2. Anonymous10:24

    Avi is from Isreal I believe he has done movies for Lucas Ent.his muscular built and short is really sexy and hot.I love short men i find them very sexy.

  3. I have been a fan of Avi Dar ever since I first saw a picture of him.

    Thanks for helping me flesh out my collection ;)

  4. Anonymous06:30

    Okay, so this man has been on my mind all day yesterday... Now what do I do? I will get over myself and get a life, but really, I know this has happened to you too?


    - John

  5. Now thats a meal!


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