08 May 2011


Although I've never met him, Jake Andrews had an important influence on my life. In my teens and earlier twenties, I hooked up with men but didn't consider myself gay. That's because, other than the male/male sex, not much in my life matched the so-called "gay lifestyle."

When I first saw men like Jake on screen, I realized you could be gay and masculine at the same time. They became something of role models for me. They celebrated masculinity and enjoyed fucking masculine men.

Jake has always been hot -- from the time he first appeared in his twenties right up to today. These images were shot when he was in his mid-forties.


  1. Hi. For my life also. But what a turn-off for me to see that Jake have shaved his body. In his 20's he had a GREAT hairy chest.
    Jan from the Netherlands

  2. Anonymous12:36

    Simply magnificent! These pictures prove that there are men and there are gods amongst men.


  3. What Leo said! I have always loved some hot muscle on my porn stars and Jake always delivers. His pert nipples as shown above are definitely the cherries on top for this pec lover. But he's just so good looking and muscular from head to toe. He's left us such a legacy!

  4. For more than 20 year Jake has made me hard. He just gets hotter. I,m hairy, he,s smooth. Perfect.

  5. one of my faves he's hotter now than when he was young! YUUUUMMMMMMMMY!


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