23 May 2011

Greek Sausage

Theo is not conventionally handsome but he's still scorching hot. That ripped furry body and thick uncut cock are both magnificent. I've seen him in a few solo still sets and one video jacking off with Zeb Atlas where they touch each other's thighs but nothing with him in hardcore male/male action. I hope that soon will be remedied.


  1. even the fur can't make up for that face. his main redeeming quality is that nice thick piece of tube steak. what a cock! definitely experiencing penis envy at this point.

  2. Anonymous11:16

    oh anonymous at 6:26, I beg to differ, not only do I like the furry chest, pits, legs, butt, but those pouty lips, and that nose that looks like it's been broken, bring out a very distinguished look masculine man... I'll take him any day over a pretty boy....



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