02 May 2011

Work It

He looks familiar but I can't place his name. I found him in a Usenet group, where a paucity of information is usually par for the course.

Unlike some blokes who stand like deer in headlights during a porn photo shoot, this lad knows how to work it. The prop is absurdly simple -- a piece of lumber stretched across two sawhorses. Nevertheless, he uses it effectively to pose and deliver the goods with maximum allure.


  1. Anonymous06:22

    Hot! What a great set to wake up to.

    Thank you Will.

    - John

  2. RedCedar07:31

    I don't know his name (because I don't visit that website), but I believe you can find him on Randy Blue.

  3. Anonymous08:00

    He goes by the name of Nicco Sky,i think he plays both top and bottom but it does'nt matter all i want is just one night. I can live with the memories after. Damn the guy is HOT.

  4. Anonymous15:04

    He's also in the gay porn lipsync version of Kylie Minogue's "Get Outta My Way." http://vimeo.com/16703638?ab

  5. Anonymous23:01

    He's not tall, but who cares!! Being an average-height guy myself, I've ALWAYS preferred muscle studs who are around my height (5'08") since we pack on the muscle better. And Nicco Skye certainly packs it nicely on his frame!!

    I've seen a couple of his hot vids, and he's a fantastic performer!! He can be both pig-nasty and sexy hot in the same combo -- a rare feat many porn performers are incapable of. Yeah, he's always pleasant to look at, and I have a HUGE hard-on right now just looking at his sexy shots!! Thanks for posting this!!

  6. his name is nicko sky

  7. Anonymous13:21

    The name of this beautiful guy is Nicco Sky.


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