20 May 2011


He's identified as "Dick Miller" in the vintage magazine titled Callboy where these pictures appeared. I searched online porn databases and found a Dick Miller who did one gay title in the 1970s. The magazine is dated 1980, but I suspect these are older pictures from the early or mid-1970s.

My father was a college professor who used several grad students each year as research assistants. Some years after he died, I realized all of his RAs were good-looking jocky males. That's a story for another time, but these photos made me remember a particularly friendly one named Tony, who looked a lot like Dick here.

Most of the RAs ignored me when they came to the house or called me names like "Squirt" or "Runt." Tony, however, was very nice to me and sometimes swam in our pool. I was probably about six at the time. Tony would play with me in the pool and help me with my swimming, something my aloof father never did.

I wish these scans were of better quality. Whoever did them either had a cheap scanner or didn't know how to adust for photo halftones. If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of the entire magazine, which has more solo photos of Dick as well as other blokes, be sure to click here.


  1. yep! so my type back in the 80's and now even more...mmmm mmmmm good!

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